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Everyone knows, because the the Main Stream Media tells us, that bloggers aren’t journalists. I freely admit I am not a journalist, not even a science journalist. Of course I do report a lot of science here and I know I do it better and more accurately than many a science reporter, but there are science journalists like Helen Branswell, who is not a scientist, and can run circles around amateurs like me. Unfortunately there aren’t many of Branswells in the MSM these days, so when we report what’s in a breaking science paper I think we do it as well or better than most non scientist journalists. I don’t have to call the authors to find out what the paper is about. I can read it for myself.

But when it comes to TV news, and not print, I still have everything to learn. So I was glad to find this primer and am glad to share it with the rest of you who are as clueless about how to do TV news as I am:


  1. #1 Stephen Curry
    February 6, 2010

    Charlie Brooker also writes a regular column for The Guardian in the UK. I love his blistering style. Here is one of my favourites – a great piece he wrote about scientists and evolution.

  2. #2 Alex
    February 6, 2010

    “ignoring all the pricks around him like he’s gliding through the fucking matrix” –> LOL.

    Thanks for the vid Revere. There was something similar done a few years ago by a university professor in media studies (can’t remember who but I’ll try finding the link). Meanwhile, for a more serious understanding of the way the media works, check out Manufacturing Consent by Chomsky and Herman.

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