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Afghanistan: In Times like These

First day of a new year. First day of a new decade. It’s dark out. So it’s important to keep even a small light on in Times Like These: Lyrics for In Times Like These by Arlo Guthrie In times like these, when night surrounds me and I am weary, my heart is worn And…

Afghanistan: perspective

Last day of 2009, another year of war. A good time to step back and try for perspective. We’ll let a young Nanci Griffith do it for us with this wonderful song by Julie Gold: Happy New Year to all our readers, whether near or from a distance. The Reveres, New Year’s Eve, 2009

Afghanistan: conscientious objection

When the US still had “mandatory” conscription for males it was still possible to claim exemption on the basis of a conscientious objection to war. While this usually required a religious basis and was almost impossible for doctors because of a supposed non-combattant role, we were still given full C.O. status as a doctor without…

Afghanistan: thumb on the scale

Some needs to edit this to add faces from the Obama administration to those from the Bush administration. Because lives are still in the balance and Obama has his thumb on the scale. Jackson Browne:

Afghanistan: one bullet

War can take and spoil lives in many ways. The killing doesn’t stop when the war is over or a combat role is ended. This year again has seen record suicide rates for the US military, but one can assume the same is true for those fighting on the other side and for the millions…

Afghanistan: a war lost before it even began

Nina Serbedzija is the actress daughter of Croatian Serb actor-musician Rade Serbedzija. She wrote and sings this poignant song. If any part of the world knows about cruel and pointless wars, it’s the Balkans:

Afghanistan: red poppies and green fields

Poppies grow in France, too. In fields that are now green but were once red with blood. And no one seems to know why. Two million died in vain. The Fureys and another moving Eric Bogle song:

Here’s another wonderful song about the Christmas truce of 1914, this one by Mike Harding. What happened 95 years ago today shines down through the years. Let’s transform Afghanistan from No Man’s Land to Everyone’s Land. Because but for some accident of birth any of us could be an Afghan or a soldier, fighting for…

Afghanistan: both ends of the rifle

A Christmas tradition in the Revere household is that I make Mrs. R. cry by playing this beautiful song by John McCutcheon about the Christmas truce of 1914. It’s 2009 and bitter cold in the trenches of Afghanistan. The Reveres, Christmas Eve, 2009

Afghanistan: we shall have peace one day

Afghanistan is out of the headlines but we have continued to signal the existence of this unnecessary war every day since Obama announced his attention to escalate and thus make the Afghan War Obama’s War. Given the projections of how long it will take to satisfy whatever vague and ill-defined criteria of “success” needed to…