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Afghanistan: not too late

As of yesterday it’s winter, astronomically speaking. At the moment, it doesn’t look like it’s ushering in a Season of Peace. But it’s not too late. A young Judy Collins on Pete Seeger’s 1960s TV show with Pete’s musical setting of Ecclesiastes with his added verse:

Afghanistan: hollow log edition

The public doesn’t want this war. We who don’t outnumber the ones that are going along with a bad decision. Whose land is it, anyway? Arlo Guthrie’s dad, Woody, had the answer and penned a song you all know. But what’s great about this performance is that when Arlo looked around him he realized his…

Afghanistan: there is a road to peace

It’s Christmas week and we are struggling not to let our despair and anger overcome us. For a while, anyway, the mood will be up beat. Not to make you forget but to make you remember that there’s work to be done, the work of making this a better world for our families, friends and…

Afghanistan: hunger strike

This is not the first time we’ve done this poem by ee cummings. Alas. I guess it has to be done periodically. Because the steaming pile we are being asked to eat keeps mounting: i sing of Olaf glad and big i sing of Olaf glad and big whose warmest heart recoiled at war: a…

Tomas Young is a veteran in a wheel chair. He was shot in the spine by a sniper in Iraq. His story was featured in Phil Donahue’s film, “Body of War,” the story of Young’s conversion from soldier to anti-Iraq war activist. You can see Young and others in the slides taken back stage at…

Afghanistan: asking for more trouble

While the Obama administration makes its choices, ordinary people in the rest of the world don’t want more trouble:

Afghanistan: Obama’s legacy

The truth of this is disheartening. But truth often is: Hat tip reader Erin.

Afghanistan: Falklands edition

A reminder that many nations fight stupid wars. Remember the Falklands? Mark Knopfler’s version of the Dire Straits song, Brothers in Arms.

Bob Dylan recorded this in 1962 but it wasn’t released until decades later. By then there were many more John Browns. And we are producing them in quantity in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Hope and necessity

Obama’s election opened Pandora’s Box and one of the things that flew out was Hope. No good change comes without Hope as one of its wellsprings. There is much justified anger at Obama’s War on Afghanistan. You’ve seen it here and you’ll see more of it as the Afghanistan debacle continues to take and spoil…