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Afghanistan: spoiled lives

I usually choose music clips featuring the performer and the song. I prefer live performances. I don’t like videos with graphic or powerful images because they often distract from the music and I am powerfully affected by the music itself. But this is an exception in two ways. First, this is contemporary music, a 2009…

Afghanistan: Nobel Peace Prize edition

President Obama made his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech yesterday. Full of irony, thoughtful, analytic, nuanced, humble. So much more elegant than George Bush could ever hope to do. Other than that, same bottom line, only now it’s the Obama Doctrine, dressed up. I’m not buying it. I’m as angry as ever. I’m not ready…

We’re saving lives on the battlefield. Lives that would have been lost in previous wars. That’s good. War takes too many lives. But there are ways to take lives that don’t involve killing someone. And we’re taking a lot of lives that way, many more than before. Here’s Liam Clancy with the great song by…

Afghanistan: when a soldier makes it home

We’re talking about sending 30,000 more soldiers to Afghanistan. We’re not talking about the ones that are coming home. I used to work for the VA. There’s lots to talk about. Let’s start now:

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, testified in Congress yesterday. Not surprisingly he said what Generals always say: “we” can win. Back in 1963 Pete Seeger gave a concert in Melbourne, Australia. If you never saw him in concert, this is what he was always like. The Australians are hesitant at first,…

Afghanistan: wann wird man je verstehen?

The only flowers growing in Afghanistan seem to be poppies. When will we ever learn?

Yesterday we were all Universal Soldiers. Today this one’s not marching any more. Phil Ochs:

. . . we put an end to war:

Dreams I wish my President had had

What Obama’s Afghanistan policy should be

Not the first time for this one. But some things have to be done again: