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Bora Zivkovic (aka Coturnix) is the maestro at Blog Around the Clock. He is also a bona fide circadian rhythm researcher, which explains how he is able to blog so prolifically, orchestrate the community participation of PLoS One and still have time left over to compile the only anthology of scientific blogging, Open Laboratory,…

Pediatric Grand Rounds is up

Pediatric Grand Rounds, a form of blog carnival for medical and health blogging, is now up over at Awesome Mom’s site. Lots of good stuff and even something from EM linked there. If you are interested in children’s health or pediatrics or just science in service of the community, stop by. Here’s the link:

The Animalcules blog carnival is up

Blog Carnivals are moderated link collections of the best of the blogosphere’s postings on specific topics over the previous few weeks, or at least the best of those submitted to the carnival meister by the bloggers themselves or others. And they are almost always interesting and well written. We used to participate in Carnivals and…