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The CDC Great Lakes report fiasco

We don’t especially like being anonymous on this blog but we feel it is prudent given the retributive nature of this administration. We don’t care that much ourselves as we are pretty well established. But we worry that our students, our colleagues and our institution will become collateral damage in retribution for things we say…

“Human protection” fiasco: nevermind

Recently we posted on the insanity of requiring informed consent for posting a hygiene checklist in the ICU. This week the New England Journal of Medicine weighed in. Here’s some background from the NEJM Commentary:

CDC confirms FEMA did a heck of a job

It’s official. Living in one of the 120,000 trailers FEMA supplied after Hurrican Katrina is bad for you:

Late yesterday afternoon, a Friday and classic time to release news you don’t want anyone to read, I got the following email [excerpted] from David Schwartz, on leave as Director of the National Institute of Health Sciences (NIEHS), the main public health-oriented NIH institute and the subject of several previous posts (here, here, here, here,…

After our recent rant on the necessity of supporting the public health and social services infrastructure instead of cutting taxes, President Bush has replied. He is cutting the infrastructure:

How about Medicare for all?

If you have heart disease or diabetes and you are uninsured you are worse off than those who are insured by several measures. Those are the kinds of health conditions that usually worsen with age, too, so you would expect this to be a bigger problem for the uninsured near elderly. But they don’t worsen…

Bombs, bullets and bupkis* for NIH and CDC

Bush and the Democratic Congress are still battling over the budget, although it is said they are getting closer. Getting closer to Bush unfortunately means giving him all the bombs and bullets he wants but not much else. A case in point is the latest proposal for the NIH and CDC budgets:

Toxic releases. Shhhh.

One of the most effective environmental regulations that wasn’t a command and control item was something called the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Program. Here’s EPA’s description:

NIOSH has a blog

Blog is short for weblog, originally a chronological set of postings about, well, about whatever. Blogs are/were journals that were published publicly but also allowed readers to comment, read, react and in some ways affect the content. How much dialog and two way communication there was depended on the blog. Some have virtually none, although…

Don’t go in! Oh, you live here? Fine.

It’s OK for storm victims to live in them, but don’t let your employees enter them: FEMA. Who else?