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Less than a week ago we posted on an impending public health emergency in the embattled Gaza strip region of Palestine, where a relentless Israeli assault had cut off much of the population from water and power at the height of summer heat. The warning came from our friend, Palestinian doctor and social justice activist,…

A public health emergency

Suppose a natural catastrophe like a hurricane or a pandemic were to destroy the water supply and power to 1.4 million people living in a densely populated urban environment at the height of summer heat. Suppose the sewer system were severely damaged. That fuel was fast running out so even emergency generators couldn’t operate. That…

Health crisis in Palestine

If you want a preview of what widespead absenteeism in the health sector, overloaded health care facilities and a breakdown in social infrastructure would be like in an influenza pandemic, we’ve got one for you. It isn’t from a biological virus, but the viruses of hatred, intolerance and sectarian violence. Palestine and Israel, where else?