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Big Pharma’s blind profits compromise

We’ve discussed the scandal over the use of Avastin and Lucentis for wet macular degeneration several times (here, here, here). If you’ve missed it, here’s the gist. Avastin is a drug approved to treat colon cancer. It works by choking off blood vessels to the tumor. It turns out, however, that a tiny dose of…

Gold salts for arthritis: how do they work?

Gold salts have been used for a long time to treat arthritis, although how it worked or more pertinently, if it worked, was unclear. Injecting gold salts for inflamed and swollen rheumatic joints took weeks to work and often had nasty side effects: rashes, mouth ulcers, impaired kidney function and sometimes bone marrow depression. My…

Can you hear me now?

The Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs already carry the required warnings we know from our misspent youth: Warning: you can go blind doing this. Okay, it says you may experience sudden loss of vision. Same thing. Now a new warning is being added: Warning: it might make you hard — of hearing:

Pain free and happy from saliva

The title in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS, or “penis” in the trade) doesn’t sound like much: Human Opiorphin, a natural antinociceptive modulator of opioid-dependent pathways (abstract). The first couple of sentences in the abstract are even less enticing: