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The UK’s Health Protection Agency has a follow-up on their monitoring of people and places potentially contaminated with the extremely dangerous alpha-emitter, Polonium-210, the weapon used to kill Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko (see our posts here and here about Polonium-210, and here and here about the murder). Their spin is that tests “so far” show…

Follow-up on the Polonium-210 murder

Having spent several posts on the science behind Polonium-210 (here, here, here), we thought we’d bring you a follow up on the case to date. The murder weapon seems to be a pot of tea. How very English:

More on the Polonium-210 poisoning

We mostly like being right, but we sometimes wish we weren’t. A few days ago we concluded a post) on some scientific background about Polonium-210 by saying this assassination could also become a public health problem. That now seems to be the case, as a trail of radiation is being found in the victim’s wake.…

Polonium-210, Part II.

[This is Part II of our explanation of some of the science behind the Polonium-210 poisoning case of Alexander Litvinenko. Part I. is here.] In Part I. we sketched the physical background to understand radioisotopes like Polonium-210, the agent in the Litvinenko poisoning, but have yet to explain its connection to the biology. That’s today’s…

Polonium-210, Part I.

It’s bigger news in the UK than elsewhere but it’s still big news. Apparently Russian dissident and former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko was fatally poisoned with Polonium 210. Time for some science.