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After our recent rant on the necessity of supporting the public health and social services infrastructure instead of cutting taxes, President Bush has replied. He is cutting the infrastructure:

American science swirling down the drain

I think it’s safe to say most Americans couldn’t give a rat’s ass about funding for physics research in the US. So even fewer will cry about a story in New Scientist that the American physics research effort is starting to buckle under the weight of budget cuts:

Bombs, bullets and bupkis* for NIH and CDC

Bush and the Democratic Congress are still battling over the budget, although it is said they are getting closer. Getting closer to Bush unfortunately means giving him all the bombs and bullets he wants but not much else. A case in point is the latest proposal for the NIH and CDC budgets:

Carnegie-Mellon’s Dr. Strangeloves

Carnegie-Mellon is a great university and when it comes to robotics and computer science is always on the cutting edge. But does that cutting edge have to be so sharply lethal? Unmanned aircraft are showing up in the skies more often and today the US Army awarded $14.4 million to Carnegie Mellon to build a…

Sad days at NIEHS

I will admit to having a soft spot in my heart for one of the NIH institutes, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. NIEHS is on a separate campus in Research Triangle Park, NC, away from the main NIH campus in Bethesda, MD. It is separated in other ways, too, having a decidedly more…