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Nothing to fear but the fear of panic

If your country had thousands of cases of a potentially fatal disease, spread by mosquitoes, would you panic? Not if you lived in the US, apparently. Last year there were over 4200 cases of West Nile virus infections with 177 deaths. I don’t remember panic gripping the nation. So I had to laugh when Canadian…

Nature Precedings

It is infuriating how stodgy biomedical sciences are in terms of information sharing. It’s not clear how much of this is bred of inherent conservatism, the pressures of a very competitive field or just plain technobackwardness. But while mathematics and physics have had preprint servers for years, biomedicine has had nothing or virtually nothing (that…

When Don Herbert died last weekend, many offered tributes to this television pioneer of science education (our contribution here). Herbert was TV’s Mr. Wizard and many of us scientists-to-be loved to watch him. Maybe we should have been out playing stickball or strikeout or whatever (I became pretty proficient at strikeout later when I started…

Don Herbert, 1917 – 2007

Don Herbert died yesterday, just short of his 90th year. Don Herbert was host of television’s Watch Mr. Wizard, a Saturday morning live TV show that had a run of 547 episodes from 1951 to 1965. He was an important figure in the youth of many of today’s scientists.