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Yuck! This coffee tastes like poison!

Medical institutions in the US northeast have always been competitive, and Harvard has always been toward the top of the list in that category. I don’t mean just competitive to get into. I mean competitive, period. I went to another big research medical school in the northeast in the sixties and we used to joke…

Project Bioshield comes up dry again

We’ve had occasion to discuss the boondoggle, Project Bioshield a number of times (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here). Maybe I should have said, quite a number of times. REally, though, it’s hardly worth mentioning. Via the Clinician’s Biosecurity Briefing, this:

The art professor is finally cleared but a distinguished biologist was still punished by a ridiculous, mindless, cruel and utterly reckless use of raw power by the Bush administration:

The Global War on Terror is claiming yet another victim: the reputation of Attorney General Michael Mukasey as a principled guardian of the Rule of Law. Even before joining the Bush administration Mukasey was forgetting the meaning of the word “torture,” and since being confirmed is equally benighted regarding privacy. Now he is peddling shoddy…

Carnegie-Mellon’s Dr. Strangeloves

Carnegie-Mellon is a great university and when it comes to robotics and computer science is always on the cutting edge. But does that cutting edge have to be so sharply lethal? Unmanned aircraft are showing up in the skies more often and today the US Army awarded $14.4 million to Carnegie Mellon to build a…

Dear Leader is away in Australia, visiting his lapdog, Oz Prime Minister John Howard and attending the Asia-Pacific economic (APEC) summit. At the summit he chatted easily with his soulmates: