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Can you hear me now?

The Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs already carry the required warnings we know from our misspent youth: Warning: you can go blind doing this. Okay, it says you may experience sudden loss of vision. Same thing. Now a new warning is being added: Warning: it might make you hard — of hearing:

Along came a spider . . .

Some stories just force themselves on you. I know I’m not special in this regard, since this story was sent by reader and frequent commenter MRK with the note, “Couldn’t resist this one. . . .” Maybe the fact we are both males has something to do with it. Mrs. R. would certainly think so.…

Americans have never been good at saving. Especially, “saving themselves for marriage.”

Back-to-school sex

Back-to-school season, time to learn good habits. It’s also high season for the condom industry: