Yellow Alert at Puyehue


While I was looking at the gallery of Chaiten photos, I noticed another headline (in spanish) saying that the SERNAGEOMIN has issued a yellow alert for potential activity at Puyehue. Now, the “article” doesn’t offer much besides pictures and maps, but apparently there has been an increase in seismic activity in the vicinity of the volcano.

Puyehue is a volcano in the Andes of southern central Chile and is actually part of a complex with Cordon Caulle. Most of the eruptions in recent history (1990, 1960, 1930s) have been from Cordon Caulle, with the most recent activity at Puyehue appearing to be around 140 A.D. Most of the activity is a mix of lava flows and explosive eruptions ranging from 1-3 on the VEI, so nothing huge. I’ll post more information as I find it.


  1. #1 werner luis
    August 6, 2008

    We saw an eruption from cordón Caulle in may 1960 with 30 cm ashfall in Villa la Angostura and 2 cm in Bariloche.
    Black plumes rised maybe 12.000 high in 15 minutes.
    We have some pictures.
    Werner Luis

  2. #2 Erik Klemetti
    August 7, 2008

    Feel free to post the pictures here if you’d like! I know that the 1960 eruption was an impressive one.

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