I wanted to post the new MODIS image of Chaiten that caught the volcano erupting on September 3. I won’t go into too much details, there are a lot of great updates over on the Volcanism Blog, but needless to say, the volcano is still very active, producing tall ash columns (you can see the ash blanket around the volcano in the image above as the plume drifts off to the northwest), earthquakes and pyroclastic flows as the dome in the caldera continues to grow. I’ll be interested to see what geologists know about the eruption and volcano when the AGU meeting rolls around in December as there will be a special session on the Chaiten 2008 eruption.


  1. #1 werner luis
    September 7, 2008

    The same day, September 3., the AQUA satellite caught this other image with with a bigger ash plume.
    It is a composed image.

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