Increased activity seen at Redoubt

Finally, after a rather quiet week, we have news that yet another Aleutian volcano is showing signs of potential activity. Redoubt Volcano was seen steaming away in a recent flight over the stratovolcano. When combined with reports of “booming noises” and the scent of sulfur it all points towards increased chance of eruption. However, AVO points out that they have not seen any increase in seismicity at Redoubt so far, making it difficult to predict exactly what the future will bring for the volcano. The volcano last erupted in 1990 and an eruption in 1989 (above) produced a VEI 3 blast with pyroclastic flows, lahars and dome formation.


  1. #1 Callan Bentley
    October 4, 2008

    Surely that photo isn’t from this recent bout of ‘increased activity,’ is it? That’s a crazy, big-time-eruption type image. I recommend putting up some info with the photos about when the image was taken, just to clarify for those of us who don’t have the expertise to readily differentiate…


  2. #2 george wohanka
    October 5, 2008

    Not sure if this was available before but seems clear enough. Picture grabs attention, article explains present situation and stating .”and an eruption in 1989 (above) produced a VEI 3 blast with pyroclastic flows, lahars and dome formation.”, makes it clear the picture is from 1989.

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