Photos of the activity at Koryak

Some more information is coming out about the activity at Koryak (aka Koryaksky) in Kamchatka. Russian geologist Alexei Ozerov says that the activity at Koryak (note: the image in the article linked here appears to have nothing to do with Koryak) has started with more power than the last known eruption of the volcano in 1956. He also mentions that the volcano is already a danger to aviation in the area (as the closing of the Petropavlosvk-Kamchatsky Airport suggested).

We also have some great images of the volcano, showing the vent on the side of the volcano (see above). It is hard to tell from the images whether juvenile magma is being erupted, or we’re seeing phreatomagmatic explosions caused by the interaction of heat and water (from the melting snow). However, it seems that the increased activity is centered around a previously identified hydrothermal vent on the side of the volcano as some of the images show steam being emitted in November and before – although much weaker than the current rate.

{Thanks to reader Thomas Donlon for finding these images of the activity.}


  1. #1 Erik Klemetti
    December 30, 2008

    The BBC is reporting that Koryak has erupted. More when I’m not posting from my iPod.

  2. #2 Simon
    December 30, 2008

    judging form the footage on the BBC website it didnt look all that big an eruption, if anything it looked similar to the photo posted on this blog.

  3. #3 Thomas Donlon
    January 14, 2009

    The Russians are tying to get their volcano monitoring program in Kamchatka fully functional.

    Video clip.

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