Redoubt Mini-update for 2/10/2009

Is the volcano just toying with us?

After yesterday’s steam plume (woo.), Redoubt was relatively normal today, albeit still at the heightened state of readiness. However, the steam plume has waned today compared to yesterday.

Now, whether this is actually a signal that the magma is not rising up into the volcano as rapidly as before or this is just the quiet before the storm is anyone’s guess. This very well could be like the 2004-08 Saint Helens episode that ended up being fairly benign with only passive eruption (if there is such a thing) of dome material (hat tip to Boris for bringing up this idea yesterday) rather than any plinian-style eruption like the 1989-90 Redoubt eruption. Stay tuned!


  1. #1 Mike
    February 11, 2009

    Would last year’s eruption of Kelut be another example of an eruption that turned out in an unexpected way after a rather long build up? I was going to look up the details, but the Smithsonian site is down today.

    Update: Not down, just really ****** slow. Like I thought, perhaps a similar occurrence.

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