We’ve already talked about how many active volcanoes reside in Indonesia, but this week’s USGS/SI update just drives that point home. Listed in the update are no less than 5 volcanoes were activity is being seen or is on the increase (Karangetang, Slamet, Dukono, Batu Tara and Makian). This doesn’t mean mention the activity at Anak Krakatau, Rinjani or Semeru. Amazing.

Anyway, highlights – not counting Indonesia or the South American trio – from this week’s report (as usual aptly put together by Sally Kuhn Sennert) include:

  • A ~8,000 foot / 2.4 km ash and steam plume from Bagana in Papua New Guinea.
  • Thermal anomalies and ash plumes of up to 8,000 feet / 2.4 km from the two domes continuing to grow at Chaiten, Chile.
  • Active lava flows from a fissure on the east side of Etna, Italy.
  • As mentioned by Eruptions reader Boris Bechnke, Llaima in Chile is showing evidence for a small extrusion of lava from the summit cone fissure.
  • Small pyroclastic flows, explosions and minor ash fall from Soufriere Hills on Montserrat.


  1. #1 ALBALAWI
    June 4, 2009

    hi Erik

    SGS has started publishing daily report on its website.
    the daily report is written by arabic language so I’ll put the link with google’s translator.
    I hope it will be helpful for you.

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