The SI/USGS GVP site is back up and running – and they’ve posted a new weekly volcano activity report. Enjoy!

Highlights include:

  • Nevado del Huila in Colombia has been showing signs that a new eruption might be starting. Seismicity has increased and minor ash fall has been reported, leading to an increase in the alert level at the volcano to “orange” (high).
  • Ebeko in the Kuril Islands off Russia and Japan produced a ~8.8 km / 29,000 foot ash plume.
  • Thermal images of the crater at El Reventador in Ecuador show that hot material is filling in the dome complex – this followed ash-and-steam explosions earlier in the week.
  • Santa María’s Santiaguito (Guatemala) dome produced ash fall, avalanches and was strongly degassing over the last week.
  • White and grey plumes reached up to ~4 km / 13,500 feet at Colima in Mexico.


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