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Mystery Volcano Photo #5

So far, Eruptions readers have nailed every one of the Mystery Volcano Photos posted, usually within the first two guess. That leaves our standings as: volcanista – 1 Elizabeth – 1 Ralph – 1 Cam – 1 The field – 0 Here’s a MVP for you to identify. Good luck!

MVP #4 Answer: Sarigan

Sarigan Island in the Marianas – your MVP #4. I have to hand it to all of you, each time I’ve tried to make the Mystery Volcano Photo a challenge, you beat it with flying colors. The photo is, in fact, of Sarigan in the Mariana Islands (thanks to Dr. Ed Kohut for providing the…

Mystery Volcano Photo #4

I’ll be off in the mountains of Virginia until Monday, so no updates for the rest of the week. I’ll leave you all with a new Mystery Volcano Photo sent in by a friend (I don’t want to give any clues away just yet) … hopefully one that might be a bit more challenging. Enjoy…

Mystery Volcano Photo #3

OK, well, apparently MVP #2 was waaay too easy because Elizabeth got it on the first try – it was indeed Villarrica in Chile – I’ll post something on Villarrica later this weekend. Anyway, for the weekend, I’ll leave you with this photo. Hopefully it won’t be so easy … but then again, you all…

Mystery Volcano Photo #2

The first Mystery Volcano Photo worked out so well, I thought I’d try a second one, this time culled from my personal collection. I’ll try to figure out a way to post the scoreboard on the blog so you can keep track of your standing as MVP continues. Take your best guess! Enjoy the weekend.

MVP #1: Concepcion, Nicaragua

The first Mystery Volcano Photo (MVP, for short) seem to go well and indeed, the volcano in question was Concepcion in Nicaragua. Congratulations to volcanista for nailing it on the first try. I’ll have to keep a tally of the winners for each MVP to name a, well, MVP MVP. So far, the scoresheet looks…

Mystery Volcano Photo #1

I’m going to start a little feature on these slow volcano days … Introducing the “Mystery Volcano Photo”! I’ll post a picture of a volcano and feel free to take a whack at identifying the volcano. I’ll follow up with information on the volcano … right now you can play for community honor, but who…