Help get rid of Sally Kern

I make fun of OK on my blog regularly. Sometimes it feels like Im living on goddamn Mars, surrounded by Martians (aka ‘Baptists’) speaking gobbledy gook and creepy red dirt and forever-gusting wind that will drive you insane…

It doesnt help when dipshits like Sally Kern proudly drag Oklahomans through the dirt with their hate speech and full fledged idiocy (yes, Sally Kern, previously a history teacher, proclaiming ‘traditional’ marriage has been the foundation of the US for thousands of years. Jesus fuck.) and just being lying dirtbags:

Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, said she had talked with Garrett on the telephone about the bill and that Garrett, a Democrat, had no problem with it.

Rep. Ray McCarter, D-Marlow, said he just got off the phone with Garrett’s chief of staff, Lealon Taylor, who told him the state Education Department does not support the measure.

McCarter said Kern’s statement “was a blatant, false statement.”

“It did not happen and it’s not true — the state Department of Education and the superintendent of public instruction did not say that they support this,” McCarter said.

All that being said, OK is a nice little state, and there are people who think its worth fighting for, including Ron Marlett, who has stepped up to challenge Kerns seat this fall:

Our crisis is that we face extremists who would rob us of our rights in the name of national security or their perception of morality. It is time for all of us to denounce hatred, intolerance and fanaticism whenever and wherever it arises.

w00t, Mr. Marlett. w00t.

If youre in OKC, please consider supporting his campaign to get rid of Kern and her Klan of Kristian dominionists. And I hope everyone will consider helping any way they can, donations, blogging, spreading info to OK relatives/student friends.

Dont wait until the battle is on your doorstep.


  1. #1 Gmon
    May 18, 2008

    Greetings from Finland!
    I don’t know much about USA’s election system, but how the hell can a person like Sally Kern get elected as a representative? In Finland comments like hers would be a political suicide.

  2. #2 vhutchison
    May 18, 2008

    Krazy Kern is from a very conservative, religious right mostly Republican district that includes part of Oklahoma city and Bethany. Bethany is the home of Southern Nazarene University and many that belong to that denomination. She had no opponent in the last election. She would not get elected in some other districts in Oklahoma and other states, would in others.

    In the next election, it will be tough for Marlett to defeat Kern, but it is doable, especially if he can get enough financial support. So donations to him will be a key factor. Yard signs, advertisements, flyers for distribution to homes in the district, etc, are expensive. Help him rid the
    World of Sally Kern as a politician!

  3. #3 arachnophilia
    May 19, 2008

    ah, yes. well, see, technically “jesus christ” is the foundation of the united states (thus the “thousands of years,” nevermind jefferson and all those other hacks) and clearly the bible says that marriage is between one man and one woman (you know, ignoring all those silly patriarchs who had more than one wife, and david and jonathan who were just “close friends”).


  4. #4 dhough
    May 19, 2008

    Thanks for the plug for OESE (I am the webmaster). BTW, thank for the heads up on the video game. I bought it for my wife on Mother’s Day. It is her first encounter with the DS (My 19-year old daughter is thrilled) and she is now addicted. Cuts down on the honey-do list.

  5. #5 Barklikeadog
    May 19, 2008

    It is my opinion that Sallie Kern is to be replaced by someone who is not the fact Tard for the religious right.
    If every one did their share of voting her out of office we would be much better off. It isn’t difficult to find some past indiscretion that should come to light that we could bring out which would discredit her. Let’s all of us in Oklahoma make it a point to find those things that indicate she did indeed inhale.

  6. #6 Bill Abendroth
    May 20, 2008

    Re: Gmon of Finland’s Question about the US electoral system (comment #1).

    Several years ago, Ralph Nader stepped up his complaints about the fact that the US was no longer a ‘two party’ system. Together, the Republican and Democratic Parties had divided electoral districts in such a manner that less than a third (I’m guessing at the number) are actually in play.

    For example, I live in Oregon (the state on the west coast, between Washington State and California). I live in Portland, where my federal Representative (in the House of Representatives) is a good liberal Democrat. But even if he was a low grade moron, and the Republicans ran a super candidate consisting of equal parts of Jesus, Moses, Buddha, and Mohammed–the Democrat would still win. Similarly, the entire rural eastern half of Oregon is one district, and if my Mohammed/Buddha/Moses/Jesus candidate ran as a member of the Democrat Party in eastern Oregon, he’d still get less than 20% of the popular vote.

    When you see an America politician saying something really stupid, especially with a pro-religious bent, that’s usually because the politician is from a district with a large number of morons who genuinely believe that [insert whatever nutball religious idea] is, in fact, a bedrock principle of America, and has been for ‘thousands’ of years.

    Speaking of jerks from OK…..In Oregon, we have a Republican Senator and a Demoratic Senator. Together, these two guys (along with a zillion members of the hook & bullet crowd, environmentalists, loggers, anti-loggers, Bigfoot & UFO ethusists–everyone) drew up a proposal to BUY LAND to add to the US National Forest around Mt. Hood. Pretty groovy–but for the fact that Senator Coburn (R-Dumbassopolis) put a ‘block’ on the bill. Why? The US is going broke, and cannot afford to be spending all this money–like $11 (17…I don’t remember) million USD buying land. Fine…..EXCEPT for one thing.

    Sure, the US government is spending way too much money–but where the heck is Senator Coburn (R-Hypocritistan) and the $12 BILLION a month getting flushed in Iraq? Buying this land is the equivilent of FORTY-FIVE MINUTES of what we’re spending on combat operations on Iraq. Seond, this bill is going to go through…but by placing a block, the cost of the purchase will be more than doubled, when accounting for the cost of all the parlimentry hoo-haw needed to get around that idiot.

    But I live in Oregon. What can I do? Well, I wrote the nastiest letter I could think of (accusing Fundamentalist Senator Coburn of offering to help remove the $17 million speck from my eye, while ignoring the $12 billion a month log in his own eye–that’s a real rip-snorter in Christian circles. Trust me), and sent it to every newspaper I could find in Oklahoma.

    Boy, that fixed Senator Coburn (R-Bumville) but good!

    Ah well….That’s what they say about democracy: Eventually, people wind up with the government they pretty much deserve.

    Bill Abendroth

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