Magic people, voodoo people

Man, this brings back some fun memories:

I think we need to set up a fund to adopt that kid in the grey shirt in the front row. The one whos just sitting there with his arms crossed, while everyone around him is going ape-shit? Poor kid.


  1. #1 oldcola
    August 9, 2008

    WTF is that?

    And now, come on, the kid is on the Front Row for one of the best circus performances around.
    I wouldn’t wanted to be “saved” and miss the whole thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. #2 Jennifer Ouellette
    August 9, 2008

    Yeah, I was that poor kid once. You do get the best view in the house. Until the preacher notices you’re not participating, and decides to “encourage” you by laying his hands on your head and demanding you break into glossalalia right then and there… not that I’m bitter. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I turned out okay. That kid’s gonna be just fine…

  3. #3 JD
    August 9, 2008

    Damn…You’re just feeding a stereotype by providng more evidence that white people can’t dance.

  4. #4 Jared
    August 9, 2008

    Another fine example of our common ancestry with other the other great apes…

  5. #5 freelancer
    August 9, 2008

    Wow, erv,

    you hit the nerd trifecta in the space of a week:

    Obscure Firefly Reference? check.

    Obscure Blade Runner Reference? check

    Obscure Prodigy reference? check

    *Prepare to Commence swooning*

    *Commence swooning*

  6. #6 BaldApe
    August 9, 2008

    JD said:

    Damn…You’re just feeding a stereotype by providng more evidence that white people can’t dance.

    Yeah, you’d think if this dancing were really divinely inspired, they’d be better at it, huh?

    Actually, I’d love to hear it with the original sound. Might be a bit funnier.

  7. #7 Sodding Wick
    August 9, 2008

    White folks can’t dance. Their music sucks hippo butt. Their clothing styles suck. Their religions suck.

    I’m often ashamed to be white. Seeing this, what I feel is worse than shame — I have no word for it.

    Any help here?

  8. #8 Frederick Ross
    August 9, 2008

    I just sat here staring at the screen for about fifteen seconds after it ended trying to figure out what was going on. Is this what they do in churches? I was a bouncer for a rave once. The only difference seems to be the lighting.

    Really, honestly, I’m kind of disturbed. Is this some kind of collective neurosis with physiological effects similar to epilepsy, but without the blackouts? Shouldn’t they see a doctor for it?

  9. #9 ERV
    August 9, 2008

    freelancer– I also had a Hackers reference, yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜›

    BaldApe– The Original.

  10. #10 The Chimp's Raging Id
    August 9, 2008


    Thanks for causing me to spill my drink all over my keyboard. Those people are insane!

    Also thanks also for reminding me of a classic track that brings back all the best moments of my misspent youth.

    Right, I’m going to have to dig out Jilted Generation. My neighbours aren’t going to enjoy this.

  11. #11 The Chimp's Raging Id
    August 9, 2008

    funnier with the d’n’b soundtrack but still insane!

  12. #12 Matt Platte
    August 9, 2008

    I thought Front Row Kid was using his GameBoy to control the dance floor.

  13. #13 slightlyfleury
    August 9, 2008

    I didn’t know till now that the Holy Ghost graduated from the Charlie Brown School of Dance.

  14. #14 Jason Dick
    August 9, 2008

    Ahhh, Pentecostals…always good for a giggle. I do hope that kid is making the most of the spectacle, though, as in laughing inwardly and fighting hard not to break a smile.

    As for me, well, certain family members who shall remain nameless believed when I was a child that Pentecostals were demon-possessed. I do not know whether or not they still believe this. That’s gotta be about on par with the craziness displayed here…

  15. #15 SteveWH
    August 9, 2008

    Who ever said that religion is ridiculous?

  16. #16 Dustin
    August 9, 2008

  17. #17 nanoAl
    August 9, 2008

    What would Jesus Do?
    Clearly Jesus can’t dance. He is not worthy of all. This is worse than a club fulla drunken indie rockers. yikes.

  18. #18 aporeticus
    August 9, 2008

    Dustin: Omg, when I played that, it was windy here!

  19. #19 Von Krieger
    August 9, 2008

    And I have essentially that to look forward to tomorrow morning when my own mother drags me down to psychofundiefreakville so she can get her Jesus on with all the other folks spewing nonsense. MAde my own imaginary drinking game to pass the time.

    “Every time the pastor says a cuss word in Spanish while speaking in tongues, take a shot.”

    That’s happened twice so far. ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. #20 chancelikely
    August 9, 2008


    I watched the first ninety seconds or so thinking, “This would be even better if it turned into a mosh pit.”

    Then that one guy fell over the other guy. Thank you, Lord, for answering Voltaire’s prayer in spades.

    (Honestly, you know you’re too white when a mosh pit is too technical a form of dancing.)

  21. #21 ennui
    August 10, 2008

    I haven’t seen people ‘Gator’ like that since Animal House. Disappointing though, that they weren’t handling snakes and drinking poison, too. I’ve seen better mosh pits at Macy’s the day after Thanksgiving.

  22. #22 CCW
    August 10, 2008

    For some reason, I’m reminded of the people in a psytrance club I went to a couple of times. Some of them were most likely tripping on acid. Drum and bass people usually look more energetic and less disoriented.

  23. #23 pcarini
    August 10, 2008

    Then that one guy fell over the other guy. Thank you, Lord, for answering Voltaire’s prayer in spades.

    He was pushed over the other guy, by the lady in blue. It’s everybody’s favorite trick from elementary school.

    Watching grown adults get together and dance that badly to music that horrible is a bit unsettling, though.

  24. #24 Lifewish
    August 10, 2008

    Hey, this is off-topic, but this is definitely the right place to ask. I’m headed off to India in a couple of months, and I’m just researching water filters and other health junk (polio FTW).

    I came across this rather shiney-looking concept: the SteriPen, which purportedly kills “bugs” by application of UV light. The site is pinging my bullshit meter slightly, but I can’t remember enough high-school science to know for sure.

    Is this product credible? If not, does anyone have any better suggestions? This is my first time travelling anywhere for which this stuff was necessary, so I’m a little confuzzled.


  25. #25 Von Krieger
    August 10, 2008

    UV rays do indeed kill bacteria and some hospital steriliziers use UV technology. The science might be okay, but from the searches I did, the Steripen seems to be a somewhat shoddy and fragile product.

  26. #26 ERV
    August 10, 2008

    We use UV light all over the place, but I really doubt that device works. We leave our UV lights on for ~8 hours to make sure everything is dead… and our UV lights arent little pens ๐Ÿ˜›

    But if you decide to buy it, be VERY careful you and your eyes NEVER get direct exposure!! Mega damage– be careful.

    Hope someone will have a better suggestion– Try PalMD over at Denialism blog! He does all sorts of outdoorsy stuff!

  27. #27 Militant Agnostic
    August 11, 2008

    It looks like there was a second person on the front pew who also remained seated.

    My coffee is going to get cold before I will be able to drink it without spewing it over my keyboard.

    These people are allowed to vote, operate machinery and posess firearms???

  28. #28 Rev. BigDumbChimp, KoT
    August 11, 2008

    Do not eat the brown acid.

  29. #29 Rev. BigDumbChimp, KoT
    August 11, 2008

    Lifewish, those water filters by MSR and the other companies that you find in backpacking stores actually work pretty well. Iodine tablets are the other way to go. That or you could combo them.

  30. #30 Aaron
    August 11, 2008

    Can I get a rewind?

    Nice jungle bgm. ๐Ÿ™‚ Is that MC Skibadee with Andy C / )E|3( in the background?

  31. #31 Barklikeadog
    August 11, 2008

    Dustin, Great Video! By the power of Thor, GODAMMIT, FUCKING BLOW ALREADY! See? It blowed. I told ya.

  32. #32 Barklikeadog
    August 11, 2008

    On Topic, I went to a “dance” in the west of Scotland one dark and blustery night. I got body slammed over & over until I said NUF! Reminds me of that video only darker.

  33. #33 FRANKIE
    August 13, 2008

    until the adoption goes through can we at least get him a nintendo ds?

  34. #34 Lifewish
    August 13, 2008

    Thanks for the advice folks. It’s great to get advice from Real Virologists [tm] (and their friends). I feel like I have a hotline to the Powers That Be* ๐Ÿ™‚

    *Yeah, like ERV is the only one who can make geeky references…

  35. #35 RHea Miller
    August 13, 2008

    hahahaha…poor lil guy. A friend of mine just sent this vid to me…creeeepay.

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