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You all remember ScienceDebate2008? You all remember how all the idiots running for President turned it down? They were ‘too busy’ or ‘washing their hair’ or something? Amazingly, both Obama and Johnny found the time to participate in this crap-fest: The Rev. Rick Warren, author of the best-seller “The Purpose-Driven Life,” will spend an hour…

Dog days of summer

The ‘dog days’ of summer are the hottest time of the year, and boy weve been dealing with that crap for the past couple of weeks. Its been miserable out– getting so hot, it doesnt cool off outside until 6 am the next friggin morning. Ugh, and the ‘dog days’ of summer arent that fun…

Immunology Woo: MHC Mates

If youve read ‘health’ news on the internet this week, youve seen this story: Pill may lead women to the wrong guy The Pill makes women pick bad mates MSNBC Pill Users Choose ‘Wrong’ Sex Partners WebMD Sniffing for Mr. Right Just put ‘MHC women’ into Google News. Youll get a billion hits for articles…


I like irreverent things. Wrong things. Smiley faces with drops of blood on their shiny yellow heads. Murderous, cherub faced dolls. Death rainbows. Bad horses. ‘Wrong’ things make me genuinely happy. Thats why, despite its understated design, I LOVE our departmental T-shirts!!!

HBV RTs 2!

I found out through Google News yesterday that the FDA approved a new drug for the treatment of Hepatitis B. Now, normally, I would have ignored a story like that. Im not really all that interested in antivirals– pharm research is on the opposite end of the research-spectrum of me. And theyre coming out with…

Chance to win free stuff from SEED

Its time for SEEDs annual reader survey! Takes 10 minutes, and youre entered in a drawing to win an iPhone3G, a MacBook Air, and a 40 gig Apple TV. Sweeeet!

PZ Myers = Death

There was something bothering me about Nisbets latest boom-boom. It felt so… familiar. And not in the sense that Nisbet is like Britney Spears ‘Gimme More‘ stuck on repeat. In the sense I heard this story before somewhere else. I figured it out last night: Hogfather.

Rabies: Flushing viruses out of the forest

Like any curious pup, the second Arnie encounters hedging/bushes/shrubbery, his first instinct is to dive right in in the hopes of flushing out some yummy yummy bunnies/kittens/boars. Like any over-protective owner, I run after him screaming “GET OUTTA THERE YER GUNNA GET BITTEN BY A SNAKE!!!” Cause when you start poking your nose in places…

Magic people, voodoo people

Man, this brings back some fun memories: I think we need to set up a fund to adopt that kid in the grey shirt in the front row. The one whos just sitting there with his arms crossed, while everyone around him is going ape-shit? Poor kid.

Skeptic Cage Match

LOL! I have no idea what possessed them to do this– But Skeptic Friends Network set up a fine poll: Who would win in a free-for-all, anything-goes cage match?