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Racist Medicine

If youre a long time reader of SciBlogs, you probably remember when James Watson was on the advisory board of SEED. You also probably remember he was removed from that position after he made some idiotic racist (and sexist) remarks. In a wonderful bit of scientific lulz, Craig Venter recently compared his genome with that…

Queen for the night

So everyone has been asking me about ‘her’ for the last week or so. Everyone wants to talk about ‘her’. Im a very progressive person, so I wanted to be excited about ‘her’ because she was a ‘her’… but I didnt want to talk about ‘her’ until I saw ‘her’ on TV tonight, so you…

Molecular Mimicry and Disease

Everyone knows that bacteria/viruses/pathogens make you sick. Everyone knows your immune system fights back against these guys so you get better. But did you know that pathogens can (accidentally) make your immune system mutiny? Turn your own immune system against you? They can! Through ‘molecular mimicry‘!