Help Puppies, Get Drunk

Carivintas Winery, along with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (the folks looking after the pups Michael Vick tortured) have released a line of ‘Vicktory Wine’– Bottles of ’boutique’ booze with 10% going to Best Friends.

So if youre in the mood to blow $672 on a few cases of booze, why not have some of the profits go to some pups in need?


  1. #1 Reynold
    November 15, 2008

    Sadly, I don’t live in the States, so that’s not going to work for me…I will however post this blog article around a bit to see if I can’t help. If my next paycheques’ big enough, I may be able to make a donation directly to the Animal Sanctuary itself, though I admit I may just make one to the local animal shelter here…Edmonton seems to have it’s share of problems with strays and unwanted animals too it seems.

    On a lighter note, it seems this guy doesn’t like your articles on junkDNA that I had posted.

    Yes, I like to stir things up…

  2. #2 Doubting Foo
    November 15, 2008

    I love that show Dog Town from them. My wife and I watch it all the time. An entire hour of us going “awwww!” followed by “Oh noes!!! That poor wittle puppy!”

  3. #3 Optimus Primate
    November 15, 2008

    Dammit. They won’t ship to Alabama. 🙁

  4. #4 Sili
    November 15, 2008

    Needs less comma.

  5. #5 Paul Lundgren
    November 15, 2008

    I can haz cheezburger wif dat?

  6. #6 Joshua Zelinsky
    November 16, 2008

    The first time I saw that headline I thought it read “Help Puppies Get Drunk” then I saw the comma.

  7. #7 Stacy S.
    November 17, 2008

    But, is it any good?

  8. #8 Satria
    November 22, 2008

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