Creationists in OK?!? NO WAY!!

In case of the Apocalypse, Id like to be in Oklahoma. We make our own food, weve got our own oil, nice climate, everybody has guns, and we have a bountiful supply of Young Earth Creationists!

In the late 1960’s, G. Thomas Sharp, who was at that time already an experienced science educator as well as a pastor of a medium sized Bible church in Alabama, came face to face with staggering domestic problems in the lives of his church members and students…

The first task Dr. Sharp had to do was to positively identify the root cause of this attack. The research process extended over a twelve year time frame (1975-1987) that ultimately culminated in the publication of a three volume set of books entitled Science According to Moses.

His research revealed that Darwinian evolutionism has overthrown, in the name of science, the dominance of the Bible (creation in particular) as the foundation of America’s world view. Thus giving apparent “scientific” sanction to a mind-set governed by situational ethics (the many ramifications of this phenomenon is discussed in detail in Dr. Sharp’s above mentioned work)…

Thus the need for a return to our Biblical foundation (Genesis 1-11) in complete faith and practice became overwhelmingly apparent. Accordingly, after much prayer and counseling with several leading pastors in America, many Christian parents, as well as myriad Christian professionals, Creation Truth Foundation, Inc., was birthed August 9, 1989.

And guess what!! You can see Dr. G. Thomas Sharp in OKC this week!

Sunday evening program (5:30-6:30) entitled The Truth About Dinosaurs. Dr. Sharp will be addressing more subjects on consecutive evenings as follows:
Monday – A Thousand Years in a Day: The Mount St. Helens Catastrophe
Tuesday – Radiometric Dating (Dr. Charles Jackson presenting)
Wednesday – Evolution: The Greatest Deception of All Time

Alas, as much as I would love to throw up at the sight of dinosaur fossils molested by a filthy Creationist (please, baby jesus, let his ‘fossils’ be fake), I cant make it to his circus. But I doubt I hold my own in an evolution debate with this fellow anyway. G. Sharp is an intellectual heavyweight, with a bachelors of science and a masters of science. He has a BS and an MS, people! Sure, they might be in accounting, for all we know… but still, Im scared.




Heres a good review of the Creation Museum G. birthed.


  1. #1 Uncephalized
    January 18, 2009

    I am so sick of this “world view” bullshit religious people are always spouting. There are facts, and there are non-facts (i.e. lies/ignorance), and there are questions yet to be answered. It’s not a world “view”, it’s just the world.

  2. #2 tresmal
    January 18, 2009

    If there is no God, how do plants “know” how to grow leaves right in front of Adam and Eve’s naughty bits?

  3. #3 Crazyharp81602
    January 18, 2009

    Chances are his fossils are indeed fake. So are those so-called “Truth about Dinosaurs” which I’m greatly debunking on my blog entitled Stupid Dinosaur Lies

    Which is what Sharp’s claims are all made up of.

  4. #4 Dr Benway
    January 18, 2009

    No internets for Dr. Sharp. No modern medicine. Poop on the scientific method, live in the Bronze Age. That’s the rule.

  5. #5 zayzayem
    January 18, 2009

    Moses was a scientist??

    (Also I don’t think he was in Gen 1-11)

  6. #6 Sodding Wick
    January 18, 2009

    Birthed? I hope the scars have healthed.

    @ tresmal :Those weren’t plant leaves. That was Big Willie’s first attempt at venereal disease.

  7. #7 Joshua Zelinsk
    January 18, 2009

    Aww man, I never get to see these people. All we’ve got here in Massachusetts are the Larouchians…

  8. #8 Christophe Thill
    January 19, 2009

    The man has a BS? It’s a typo, isn’t it? It should be “he talks BS”…?

    “Science according to Moses”? Please! That’s much, much too modern. I’d prefer “Science according to Neanderthal”.

  9. #9 J-Daly
    January 19, 2009

    Christophe… Right…Pick on the Poor Caveman… Why don’t you just run right out and buy some Geico Insurance? SOME of us Cavemen resent your bigotry you know. FYI – Neandertals have a bigger brain capacity than you Homo “sapiens”. MY suggestion is that you could rephrase that – Creationists have the brain capacity of a damn potato. Ok?

  10. #10 Bayesian Bouffant, FCD
    January 19, 2009

    Science According to Moses.

    I’ll bet the biology section is lifted straight out of Leviticus 11: four-legged insects, cud-chewing rabbits…

  11. #11 Sili
    January 19, 2009

    Well, Moses did ferment grapejuice. That’s kinda sciency. No, wait. That was Noa. Nevermind then.

    Don’t poo-poo the creos. I’m sure you can put them to good use in case of the Apocalypse. (That is, if they’re not all raptured.)

  12. #12 vhutchison
    January 19, 2009

    Sharp has an office on the main drag in Noble, OK. Check out his supposed degrees and where he got them and then Google their web sites! He is quite ignorant about science. His fake plastic dinosaurs have been props for him around the country as he gives his presentations, mostly in churches. He gave a talk to public school students In Noble where they were bussed to an off campus site during school hours – an unconstitutional event, since his message is not just on dinosaurs but on the religious implications of his YEC creationism. This event has been verified to me by former teachers in Noble.

    His ‘museum’ in Arkansas is a money-making attraction near the GIANT Jesus on the mountain top near Eureka Springs, AR. It is a monument to scientific ignorance.

    A few years ago I appeared on a program on OETA TV in Oklahoma City. The other panel members were a philosopher from Oklahoma State University and a theology professor from Oklahoma City University (both on our side). Sharp was very nervous and ineffective in his statements. He had a notebook that he constantly flipped through the pages in search of responses to our points – usually without much success!

    He is not the only one in Oklahoma giving such programs. The Southern Plains Creation Society (now Jesus Created. Org []) in Tulsa offers similar events as well as teaching packets for schools, group tours to the Kentucky creation museum, etc. That group was the leader in the failed attempts to place creation exhibits in the Tulsa Zoo. Unfortunately, there are many other similar groups throughoput the U.S.

  13. #13 vhutchison
    January 19, 2009

    More on Sharp:

    From an Americans United Report on Oklahoma (2000) quoting Sharp:

    “For example, during a March presentation on “The Truth about Dinosaurs” by the Oklahoma-based Creation Truth Foundation, G. Thomas Sharp said that since biblical principles rule out dinosaurs going extinct before the existence of humans, the idea must be rejected.”

    Another Sharp quote:

    “According to the Oklahoma Baptist Messenger, Sharp told his audience, “Either Adam sinned and death came into the world, or else death was in the world before Adam got here. If that is right, then the Bible is a fairy tale and the Gospel is a joke.”

    From a list of ‘Darwin Skeptics’ (

    “G. Thomas Sharp Ph.D. is Founder and President of Creation Truth Foundation, Incorporated (founded in 1989). He received a B.S. in Social Studies and Science from Purdue University in 1964, a MS from the University of Oklahoma, and a Ph.D. with emphasis in religion and science from South Florida Bible College and Seminary. Dr. Sharp is working on a second doctorate (D.min.) at the American Bible College and Seminary with an emphasis in Creation Studies.”

    American Bible College apparently has only about 200 total students according to several web sites. The college curricula list no real science courses. Thus, how could he have emphasized science? Sharp’s supposed major at Purdue (‘Social Studies and Science’). I do not think there was something just called ‘science’ as a major. And his supposed degree at Oklahoma was not in a science subject – yet he poses as a ‘scientist’ and always pushes the ‘Dr.’ but never emphasizes it is in ‘divinity,’ not science.

  14. #14 Aseem
    January 20, 2009

    Notice how creationists always seem to put more emphasis on their ‘BS’ qualifications? This Charles Jackson that you mention is the same Borat lookalike I had shown you, the one who wrote to me wanting CFI to host his talk here at OU. Apparently he found a taker in OKC.

  15. #15 Steve
    January 25, 2009

    It took him 12 years to find out what “domestic problems” were ailing the members of his chuch?

    What did he do, wait for 11 years 11 months and then ask some of them over for a fireside chat?

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