Dawkins at OU: Super Win?

Richard Dawkins lecture at OU has been moved to the McCasland Field House, which has more than double the seating capacity of the auditorium he was going to speak at. I dunno the details of how this worked out, ‘someone’ paid for the venue upgrade (Dawkins didnt nix the idea of a larger venue), so, YAY!

But all the tickets they already handed out arent valid anymore. Its first come, first serve for seating (not the organizers fault, its just a side effect of the change of venue).

Well, thank goodness I stood in line for 3 hours and missed Obamas inauguration!


LOL! Whatever, glad lots more people can see Dawkins, and people who didnt get tickets before can stop raging for now 🙂


  1. #1 Scott
    February 2, 2009

    Stood in line for 3 hours?

    0wn3d. Just kidding, I’m glad too.

  2. #2 Prometheus
    February 2, 2009

    My neighbor, an anthropology professor, was gloating at me two days ago because he had tickets and I did not.

    I will bundle up my aged scientist atheist parents and dump them in line at the field house with their books.

    I am sorry your tickets were negated ERV but since my neighbor did nothing but wait for his complimentary departmental tickets to be delivered to his office in a perfumed envelope on a silver salver he will be subjected to my wrath in the form of…Nyaaa Nyaaa Nyaaa Nyaaa Nyaaa.

    Here’s the announcement:

  3. #3 apost8n8
    February 4, 2009

    I guess I’ll just have to use those useless tickets for bookmarks in my soon to be autographed copy of The God Delusion. They should at least have given the ticket holders early entrance or something. lame

  4. #4 BeamStalk
    February 9, 2009

    I was promised tickets but never received them. So I am happy about this. I hope to get in, will go early and wait in line.

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