An impromptu Q&A with ERV!

Hey, you remember last fall when Stephen ‘1985’ Meyer came to OU?

And I went to see him, not Johnny Wells, so Wells threw an epic tantrum?

Smith left abruptly after the lecture and did not stay for the Q&A.

“Hi! Im Johnny Wells! I wasnt at the lecture, but Im going to tell everyone what happened at the lecture anyway!”

Actually, Johnny, there were still hands up at the end of the Q&A. The last Q was given to none other than my resident troll, Rho. And, I not only stayed for the entire Q&A, I stayed and spoke with Rho, Brian, StGJM, and other members of OUIDEA/Trinity until we were all kicked out of the auditorium. Then I went home *shrug* I think we all had fun.

Unbeknownst to me, Rho was recording that conversation! He has it up at his blag now, if you want to listen in!

The majority of it is good, because Im talking about science in response to his basic Qs. But then Rho cant resist having some input, and, well, then you can experience irl what some of you have already gotten to experience in the comment section here 🙂

*shrug* But there you have it.

Proof Johnny Wells is a lying poof.


If Johnny lies about trivial things like when a random audience member left a presentation to ‘score’ a perceived political ‘point’, why wouldnt he be capable of knowingly lying about science to further his perceived ‘career’? Why should we take his word on any topic at face value, much less the topic he has a financial interest in?



  1. #1 Rhology
    January 9, 2010

    You’re welcome.
    Please excuse the occasional shoe-squeaking… there were IIRC ppl moving up and down the aisle sometimes and I had to shift my feet. And I’m fidgety by nature.

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