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You all are aware of the fact we have ‘science education issues’ here in Oklahoma? Well not everyone here is sitting on their hands, shaking their heads, bemoaning what a shame it is. A fellow who lives in Stillwater, Monty Harper, is actually trying to do something about it in a really cool way (weve praised him on SciBlogs before)!

Monty is a childrens song writer and self-professed science geek, so once a month he and a local scientist put on a show for local elementary school kids (3-5th grades)– he writes a song about that scientist, and they talk about their research! For real, check out the fantastic programs hes run at the Stillwater Public Library! I wanna go…

Anyway, Monty has built up enough of a song-base now, he wants to make an album so he can help kids everywhere get excited about science. It will include songs on topics like phototaxic bacteria, stress hormones, wheat genomics, bacterial biofilms, bat taxonomy, x-ray crystallography, and luminescence dating! For real.

Here is where you can help–
If you think this is a neato idea and would like to help it become reality, check out Montys page over at kickstarter.

Look at the donation tiers, and see where you want to help– you can donate and free CDs will be sent to a local school, you can get a CD for yourself for your kids (Im giving mine to my nieces), you can get all kinds of insider exclusives, get your name in the CD booklet as an official donor, or at the highest tier– you can get a custom song of your very own, written about YOUR research or your FAVORITE branch of science if you arent a scientist, and be included on the CD!

If Monty doesnt reach his funding goal by August 21 (HIS BIRTHDAY), you wont be charged anything, Monty loses the window his producer has open, and he has to start all over.

Im not much for talk (*cough**Mooney**cough*)– Im all about action, and I really have to get behind a guy who may not be a scientist, but he is using his passion and talent to actually DO something to promote science literacy and getting kids excited about science.

“My goal is to give kids a chance to talk to real working scientists about their research,” said Harper. “I want kids to come away feeling that they talked to a scientist who’s doing important work and I want them to picture themselves doing similar work in their own lives.”


  1. #1 BeamStalk
    July 23, 2010

    So very cool, will get one for my son, step-daughter, my nieces and nephew! YAY!

  2. #2 German Santanilla
    July 23, 2010

    Kickstarter rocks. This is a very worthy, cool project.

  3. #3 Mobius
    July 23, 2010


    Monty Harper was a student of topology at OSU before I was there. My PhD adviser was also Monty’s adviser. This is a song Monty wrote that my adviser was particularly fond of…

    Topologically Speaking

    Topologically speaking, circles are the same as squares.
    Topologically speaking, people are the same as bears.
    Your donut is the same as the coffee cup you dunk it in each day.
    “Upside-down’s the same as downside-up,” a topologist might say.

    Topologically speaking, a quarter is the same as a dime.
    Topologists can count, but rarely finite amounts.
    You can bet they haven’t yet to tell a 6 from a 9.
    A topologist can make a t-shirt with a piece of paper and a three-hole punch.
    The topological secret is the homeomorphic scrunch!

    Topological spaces are the places where topologists live.
    They like to drive compact manifolds, for when they bump into each other they give.
    You can visit your favorite topologist in a land called RP2,
    and if the hand that you favor is right you just might become a new left-handed you!

    Topologically speaking, peaches are the same as pears.
    Topologically speaking, people are the same everywhere.
    Topologically faces all look just like the one on you!
    Topologically races all share one gender, shape and hue.
    Topological spaces will expand your point of view.
    ‘Cause topologically speaking, I’m just the same as you.
    It’s true –
    I’m just the same as you
    We’re homeomorphic!
    I’m just the same as you!

  4. #4 vhutchison
    July 23, 2010

    An excellent project that really needs the assistance of readers of this blog. I hope many can respond. Neat stuff.

  5. #5 Rob Abiera
    July 23, 2010

    I don’t have any money but I did post a tweet.

  6. #6 Monty Harper
    July 24, 2010

    Thanks for the great post, ERV! And for all the supportive comments, everyone!

    Mobius, thanks for posting those lyrics! What a blast from the past! It’s cool to know the song stuck around the department after I graduated.

    Rob, your tweet is very much appreciated! The only way I’ll reach my goal is if people are willing to spread the word.

    Please keep on passing it on! Thanks!!

  7. #7 dhough
    July 26, 2010

    Thanks for the heads up, Abbie. I have made a donation and added a blurb on the OESE web site (http://www.oklascience.org). Hope he reaches his goal!

  8. #8 scramton
    July 28, 2010

    the CD or DVD Science is Real by They Might Be Giants is really cool stuff for kids

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