Montys project was officially funded, so he is spending today on Ustream, thanking his supporters with videos and songs and getting a chocolate cake smashed in his face at 7 pm Central:
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Thank you all so much for spreading the word and donating, guys!

EDIT 4.55 pm– One of my readers made A Very Large Donation O.o

This person (I dunno who! Tell meeeee!) lives overseas, so they cant collect on their personal concert prize, so they are giving it to me! WHOOO! Maybe we could have it down at the Sam Noble Natural History Museum next to the huge HIV-1!

ALSO! We are totally going to livestream it so all the readers who donated and helped spread the word can listen in. AND we are going to record it so Awesome Donor can enjoy it too!


  1. #1 Hu
    August 22, 2010

    Umm, that’d be me. I’m kind of shy, so I hope you don’t mind me not sharing with you the rest of my name.

    I’m just another reader of your blog, and for a long time I’ve been thinking you deserve some kind of special treat for offering us non-experts all those tasty bits of virology in easily digestible form. I’m glad I could do my part to make it happen, but it’s really all those more than 100 donors, including many readers, that met the goal in the first place. So, enjoy! I’m looking forward to seeing the video.

  2. #2 ERV
    August 22, 2010


    This wasnt just nice for Monty or me– we are going to make an open event to reach as many kids as possible! Its gonna be great!

  3. #3 BeamStalk
    August 23, 2010

    Name the date for the concert at the SNMONH and I am there.

    That is very awesome of you Dr. Hu!

  4. #4 vhutchison
    August 23, 2010

    We are looking into the possibility of having the concert at SNOMNH, but no word yet. If not, I am sure we can find another appropriate venue. Abbie will post any dvelopments, I am sure.

  5. #5 BeamStalk
    August 23, 2010

    Vic, as a side joke, could the make the initials for Sam Noble any more confusing?

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