ERV LIVE, 1011 am central

EDIT– TIME ZONE FAIL! 11 am Central! LOL!!!

So this weekend there is a live blogtv blogathon to raise money for HIV Research!

I am not a member of the blogtv culture, so I have no idea whats going on, LOL, but you can watch it here!

devchelle2Broadcast your self LIVE

And you can donate here!

I will be on live at 10 am Central time to talk about HIV-1 and answer some Qs!

NOTE: To stop the echo, click on the mute in the inner window!


  1. #1 Cain
    August 29, 2010

    Sweet, I have to work but I’ll swing by with my checkbook. Hopefully it will be recorded so I can watch it later.

  2. #2 Optimus Primate
    August 29, 2010

    Good chat, Abbie! I tried to ask a question about quasispecies, right about the time that he disabled guest commenting, and by the time I got registered it was over and done with.


    Always good to hear your cheerful voice on a rainy Sunday morning, though. 🙂

  3. #3 Rhysz
    August 29, 2010

    Dear Abby,

    It was great hearing you in action! I found a dutch article today that was published in Nature Medicine that a mutation in in the AIDS virus is making it harder to develop avaccine. Are you aware of this article? I was hoping to ask but didn’t get the chance. It was Written by the University of Amsterdam.

    Kind regards,

  4. #4 Joel
    August 30, 2010

    [Off-topic] Retroviruses are retro:

  5. #5 Monado
    August 31, 2010

    Missed you, but I do have a question: are Type C viruses the same as C-Type viruses? (I’ve just been reading the scary story of virus particles budding from cell cultures made from cancers, in the 1970s)

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