Where in the World is ERV? IV


This place is ridiculously beautiful too:

Not a double-rainbow:

10:30 at night, really cloudy, and it was still light out.

This was not so much fun when it was light out at 4 am. Me: “OMG THE SUN IS COMING UP I DIDNT WANT TO SLEEP TOO LATE!!!… wait… wait a minute… somethings not right…… :-/”

I also found ‘my’ puppy down here. Pup has the perfect place scoped out. Not only is it a bakery, its a bakery thats open on Sunday! (a lot of the shops are closed today) And he kept getting in trouble for trying to scoot his little butt into the bakery whenever customers came in, which was adorable. When I walked by him for the millionth time today, I brought him half of a hamburger I couldnt finish for lunch. He did the exact same NOM!! face as Arnie does! I wish I had it on video. Also wish I brought a second suitcase to haul this guy home 🙂

NOMNOMNOMNOM!– A Universal Truth.


  1. #1 Doc Bill
    December 19, 2010

    Just when you think our planet is way cool, it gets way cooler!

  2. #2 Anonymouse
    December 20, 2010

    Can’t get to my email account – http://www.retrovirology.com/content/7/1/111

    Part of a Retrovirology splash on XMRV and contamination. Happy Christmas!

  3. #3 ERV
    December 20, 2010


    Lo/Alter have been dragging their feet (avoiding?) publishing their ‘diverse’ sequences. They finally put up a few. They are, unquestionably, mouse ERVs. Unquestionably. Look up ‘CFS’ in GenBank and BLAST them. There is no scientist on Planet Earth who would look at the results and think ‘new infectious agent’ rather than ‘FUCK! Our shit is contaminated!’ No one. There are literally 1-2 nucleotide differences in ~400 nt. That is sequencing error.

    If Lo/Alter had 1) mapped integration sites, as requested by the reviewer, and 2) used an appropriate contamination control (genomic, not mitochondrial, which was entirely inappropriate) , this could have been avoided. I assume they have been frantically trying to do just that to avoid retraction.

  4. #4 Mobius
    December 20, 2010

    Oh boy! Pictures!!!

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