Virologists talkin about virology!

Vincent Racaniello, the fellow who literally wrote the textbook on viruses, had me and Rich Condit on his show this week to talk about viruses!

Its a little different than the podcasts I normally do– normally these are really targeted towards a very general audience. Vincents show is more like you all getting to eavesdrop on some virology nerds talking about virology 🙂

TWiV 146: Draco’s potion

We covered the DRACO paper, and another paper that investigated why an HIV-1 vaccine didnt work (it kinda did?), and virology blogging, and then I had to go back to work so Vince and Rich chatted some more!


  1. #1 Benoni
    August 30, 2011

    Nice one ERV. Your expository style contrasts well with the others in the podcast.

  2. #2 mary
    August 31, 2011

    This was posted on one of the militant xmrv forum..but I’ve been waiting for you to announce it….

    I always listen to TWIV…

  3. #3 Jack
    September 3, 2011

    Abbie – you have a wicked laugh! 🙂 Nice job and fingers crossed for Spring 2012.

  4. #4 Henry
    September 3, 2011

    Heard you on TWIV; so now I know about your blog and will RSS.

  5. #5 Ole Peter Nordby
    September 8, 2011

    Heard you on TWIV, wanted to find your blog to see if you have made any comments in your blog on the identification of broadly neutralizing antibodies against p41 / p120 as part of the effort to develop a HIV vaccine.

  6. #6 Dwayne Litzenberger
    September 25, 2011

    Abbie, can you PLEASE talk to the TWiV guys and tell them to TALK FASTER? Their podcasts are sooo long, and they’re so hard to listen to, even when I speed them up by 1.5x, they’re still s…l…o…w.

  7. #7 Dwayne Litzenberger
    September 25, 2011

    Regarding the open question in the podcast about how to make past blog posts more of a useful resource once they leave the front page, I think you do a great job of that already when you link to your old blog posts in your new blog posts.

    Also, you have enough memorable quotes that we can find your old posts on Google by searching for, say, quasispecies LOL.

  8. #8 Max
    January 14, 2012

    THE textbook on viruses? Most active fields have more than a couple. Maybe you guys are trying to save trees, but you could put out e-versions. 🙂

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