REMINDER: Ayaan Hirsi Ali at USAO!

I was recently chatting with a friend from South America about my excitement about getting to see Ayaan Hirsi Ali speak right here in Oklahoma. He had never heard of her before, which of course flipped me into super-fan-mode and I started gushing about her life and accomplishments and powerful voice and OMFG SHE IS SO PRETTY.

I also tried to carefully, tactfully mention the topic of female genital mutilation and the way women get treated in other societies (and how it is creeping into our society) and her AHA Foundation.

My friend couldnt understand my ‘gentle’ description of female genital mutilation. Certainly there were some language barrier issues, but psychologically he couldnt wrap his head around it until I stated, flatly, ‘They cut out little girls clitorises and labia and sew everything shut.’ At which point he absolutely ‘got it’, and as a father of two little girls (5 and 6 years old), he flipped out. He was shocked and horrified such a thing was happening, especially in 20-fucking-11, and completely understood why I was so pumped about Ayaan and AHA.

So just a reminder, if you are within driving distance of Chickasha, OK, she is speaking there tonight!

An evening with AYAAN HIRSI ALI
October 27, 2011
7.30 pm
Te Ata Memorial Auditorium
Chickasha, OK

And here is a plug for her latest article, about honor killings. A mother and three of her teenage daughters were recently killed. Not in Iran. Not in Somalia.

In Canada.

And apparently the Canadian authorities did very little (nothing?) in response to the girls pleas for help.


  1. #1 sasqwatch
    October 27, 2011

    from the comments, we have “Anu Sandhu”:

    This particular family from afghanistan suffered abuse and died as a result of the actions of someone who is likely mentally unbalanced. There are other families from afghanistan that are loving and supportive to their daughters. Perpetuating stereotypes about communities is wrong. Domestic violence towards women exists everywhere as others have mentioned. … Look around at your own communities for trends of woman-hating, sexism, and chauvinism before you point your finger. … “greggied” replies: It’s just that many Muslims believe this way. Muslim women believe what they have been force-fed for centuries. … “AnuS andhu”: Yes and as western women we also believe what we have been force-fed. We live in a culture that does not recognize women’s wisdom as we age, does not promote women to positions of leadership as easily as men, and does not pay women equal to men.

    Does AnuS sound like anyone you know? Like I’ve said before, I thought I was a feminist. I guess I’ll have to go with “Humanist” from now on. The waters have been polluted beyond recognition.

  2. #2 Neil Craig
    October 27, 2011

    To whom it may concern. A climate scientist, “peer reviewed and published in the finest journals “* using the name Skip on “scienceblogs” has, since I was banned from other “scienceblogs” sites has commented on mine in a fact free, ad hom filled manner. Having given him repeated opportunities to discuss facts (& lets be fair given him endless opportunities to show publicly the behaviour to be expected of climate “scientists” I have eventually said I will bar comments consisting of ad homs.

    In a display of the state of mind of climate “scientists” he has said that such censorship probes me a Nazi (in an equal display of the level of integrity of such “scientists” he actively does not describe all the other “sciencebloggers” as “Nazis” though they censor purely for producing inconvenient facts.

    He now promises to pursue me to any blog I comment on – though it is likely the only one he knows is “scienceblogs”. In one sense I, of course, welcome any such person willing to repeatedly and publicly demonstrate what is, if not the pinnacle of honesty to which any climate “scientist” ever aspires, certainly a degree of obscenity and dishonesty to which not a single one of them ever in any way demurs.

    Thus should any “scienceblogger” ever decide they will relax their policy of total censorship of anybody who politely counters their claims with factts will find Skip on there calling me a “Nazi” for censoring only ad homs and obscenities. The irony of this will presumably be wholly lost on all those “sciencebloggers” censoring to promte thwe cattastrophic warming fraud.

    I, of course, will and need say nothing rude about him or any climate “scientist” and certainly will not suggest they are all Nazis – with such as him around there seems no need.

    *While we have all met people on blogs who claim obviously false credentials he went to some lengths to prove he was such, including naming several others who could vouch for him, none of whom demurred, so I am forced to accept his credentials though the idea of a “scientist” depending on ad homs and obscenities and abjuring facts is counterintuitive

  3. #3 Jr
    October 27, 2011

    I have to confess I am under the impression that Ayaan Ali is one is those atheists who sometimes, like Pat Condell, do not maintain a clear line between criticizing Islam and spreading prejudice about people from Islamic cultures.

  4. #4 Collin
    October 27, 2011

    Neil, you’re very good at quantum theory, but you suck at climatology. Stick to what you’re good at, and people will listen.

  5. #5 sasqwatch
    October 27, 2011

    You also suck at blogging, Neil. At least *try* to be on topic.

  6. #6 Justicar
    October 27, 2011

    I didn’t mean to laugh, but sometimes a turn a phrase or a contingency of events sets up some oddity in my brain. Anyway, after reading your full post and following the link to the Canadian article, here’s some unfortunately serendipitous language, “whose reportedly brazen refusal to comply with the traditions imposed on Afghan females so polluted the family’s honour that only death could remove its taint.”

    I’m a horrible, horrible person, and I thought I’d share that along with ERV’s discussion on FGM set it up. So, whatever you do – do not read these two articles back to back; it’s a setup!

    And then comment 2 discusses probing Nazis. I’m going back to bed; I am clearly not in the right state to take on the world today.

    Neil Craig, I completely agree. I’m tired of all of these slacker bloggers here just censoring the shit out of everything. Why, little old Abbie here actually censored a person who threatened her. That’s right. BAM. GONE. No questions asked – for only threatening her. What a power hungry bitch she is!

    And then there’s John Kwok who is also banned, but could be unbanned by opening a blog. Complex story.

    And she’s done this much only like 5, 6 years. OH THE HUMANITY!

    About ad hominems, clearly the head is up the ass today with you, “sir”; it is quite apparently that the nameless asshole you earlier mentioned knows of one other place besides; like, according to you, “sir”, your site. People of your shining “intellect”, “honesty” and “integrity” do the world a great “service”. Thank you. Speaking of service, I have a suggestion as to how might better, Neil. *unzip*

  7. #7 Prometheus
    October 27, 2011


    “I have to confess I am under the impression that Ayaan Ali is one is those atheists who sometimes, like Pat Condell, do not maintain a clear line between criticizing Islam and spreading prejudice about people from Islamic cultures.”


    That’s a tall order.

    Are you of the impression that some angry AI weaponized copy of the Quran is executing homosexuals and mutilating children?

    Last time I looked it was “people from Islamic cultures” using Islam as a justification for killing and maiming the most vulnerable people in their culture.

    I don’t respect Christianity or Judaism just because they hang a lot of tinsel from morally bankrupt abrahamic death cults on their bad acts.

    Why do “people from Islamic cultures” have an expectation we will do ethical microsurgery to separate them from their dumb flavor of magical thinking?

    Just because Gen Y hipster douchebags get extra credit for being more diverse than thou doesn’t mean the rest of us need to slap moral blinders on when some dickhead pulls the imaginary superfriend or ethnicity card.

  8. #8 EvilYeti
    October 27, 2011

    Enough with the jibber-jabber.

    So is Abbie going to be a sexy endogenous retrovirus for Halloween or what?

  9. #9 Anonymous
    October 28, 2011

    The cutting season: Female Genital Mutilation and the UK by Alice Onwordi

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