Born to Do Science: The Podcast!

Monty Harper is an Oklahoma musician who writes/performs songs for kids with pro-science messages. You guys helped get his latest CD ‘Songs from the Science Frontier’ made, but what Monty is known for locally are the ‘Born to Do Science’ programs he organizes for the Stillwater Public Library! He gets local scientists to come in and speak to kids about their research. I did one a couple months ago on vaccines and it was so much fun (kids are so friggen smart these days, its creepy…)!

Well, until now, these programs were just for kids in the Stillwater area. Now Monty is producing podcast versions of ‘Born to Do Science’ that everyone can download and enjoy!

Just in time for you folks traveling with kids for the holidays!


  1. #1 Aj
    November 30, 2011

    (kids are so friggen smart these days, its creepy…)!

    No shit. A recent incident from a friend of mine.

    Friend – “Money makes the world go round.”
    Friend’s sister – “No, love makes the world go round.”
    Friend’s niece –“GRAVITY makes the world go round!”

    She’s five.

  2. #2 Justicar
    November 30, 2011

    If you look at the picture of Abbie in her presentation, you’ll note the subtle tipping of her hand about one of her research strategies for fighting HIV: snipers. My considered opinion is that it will involve miniature lasersharks.

  3. #3 Emerson White
    December 1, 2011

    For those of us who enjoy the sound of your voice will your talk be one of them?

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