In case you havent heard, the OKC Thunder is playing the Miami Heat for the NBA championship this week (until however long the series goes).

And the entire state of Oklahoma is FREAKING OUT.

EVERYTHING is blue/orange/navy.  If it aint, were painting it.

This is the building my boxing gym is in.

hehehehe “Durantula”.

But I cant make fun of anyone, Im freaking out too.  Hey, Im enjoying the fun while I can– this might be the only time I live in Oklahoma while it is a Blue state:

I hope other folks are rooting for the Thunder, as opposed to against LeBron.  Thunder are good kids, and theyre genuinely fun to watch.  And I dont have a problem with LeBron.  From what I understand, he did some charity event for Durant, asked Durant to play some exhibition games during the lockout, and frankly, if OKCers are going to ‘hate’ a player, we ‘hate’ Metta World Peace (who just got gentle boos when Lakers played here, and then I totally forgave him when he said OKC women are pretty. *bats eyelashes* also, I told you that line worked on chicks– Mettas now starring in a Lifetime made-for-TV movie).



  1. #1 The Phytophactor
    June 13, 2012

    So what? It’s June and people are still playing and watching basketball? Even in the winter when there’s a lot less to do it’s boring.

  2. #2 podunkmo
    June 13, 2012

    Enjoyed watching the Thunder beat D Heat last night and pulling for them in the series. Congrats.

  3. #3 mk
    June 15, 2012


  4. #4 JustaTech
    June 15, 2012

    I’m surprised that Washington state is for the Thunder, considering they used to be the Seattle Sonics and people were rather miffed when they left.

  5. #5 Bert Chadick
    June 18, 2012

    When Howard Schultz decided to dump the money loosing Sonice and got a nibble from some Okies in the Ahl Bidness he agreed on the condition that your guys would leave the team in Seattle. When the deal was sealed the new owner immediately told the State and city that they would have to finance a new billion dollar sports palace or the team was gone. The Starbucks billionaire thought of the Sonics as a business while the Okies thought of it as another notch in their one-upsmanship six shooters to show off to their cronies. The team was gone.

    Personally, I don’t care about basket ball, but this tale of woe and intrigue should hang as a cautionary tale for those contemplating getting into the sports business.

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