‘Cure’ for HIV and HepC in Egypt

It is frustrating being a scientist in a political climate that is not supportive of science.

But what we have to put up with in the US pales in comparison with something happening right now in Egypt:

More from CNN:

Egyptian army’s AIDS-cure claim gets harsh criticism

Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Abdel-Atti is apparently a total nutbar (many details here and more here— its crazy, click the links!) who says hes cured HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C.

Well thats all fine and dandy– I get dozens of spam comments every day from HIV Cure scams:

 I was  infected with HIV disease which cost me my relationship with my husband and I was also stigmatized by my family  member. I was all alone till I met a good and kind hearted person, who directed me to Dr. (redacted) through the internet, I never believed that HIV could have a cure, till I met him, he casts a spell on me that cure me from H.I.V  1and 2.

But Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Abdel-Atti is not just some random nutbar. He apparently has the support of the Egyptian military, a presidential hopeful in Egypt, and other Egyptian politicians.

So while scientists of Egypt spoke out against Abdel-Attis insanity:

“I want to be clear and explicit, what has been said and published about the invention of the armed forces hurts the image of scientists and science in Egypt,” Essam Heggy, the scientific adviser to the President, told the private Al Watan newspaper Tuesday.

“What has been said is not scientifically disciplined. There is nothing published, and there is nothing in medical conferences, and there is no single eminent professor around the project,” Shiha (another Egyptian scientist) told CNN. “Nothing scientifically relevant has been said.”

In such a politically volatile climate, speaking out and supporting science will come at a personal cost:

“The interim president should fire the scientific adviser, Essam Heggy, after his offensive comments to Egypt and the army,” Mohammed Abu Hamed, an Egyptian politician and vice chairman of the Free Egyptians Party, tweeted Wednesday.

And a cost of human life:

Pro-military journalists and media outlets urged Egyptians to rejoice after the army announced the invention will be available in June.

This region has a history of scapegoating medical professionals to make up for political missteps… I hope the scientists speaking out against this ‘HIV/HepC cure’ are safe…

Seriously, read these links for more info– this is terrifying:

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Update on #KoftaGate – Egyptian Miracle Detectors and Cures for Hepatitis C and AIDS


  1. #1 SSS
    March 5, 2014

    Listen to this

    See the date also.
    America is traying to do it since years but just another coutry (Egypt) did it before it.

    First cured HIV patient

    First cured Hepatitis C patients

    Cured hepatitis C patient.

  2. #2 Joshua
    March 5, 2014

    If it makes you feel any better, scientists like you are my hero.

    I was pretty terrified when I started to read about this and the danger real scientists might find themselves in if they speak truth to power.

    I have my own little story about bogus HIV cures. A while back ago, in a physiology class, I was told by a person that they knew there was a cure for HIV that was being suppressed that was essentially a kind of dialysis using a 35% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

    Of course, when I started to list the reasons that I had serious doubts about that (I was trying to be diplomatic) I was pretty much ignored or attacked for it by other students.

    It was pretty breathtaking how bias about “Big Pharma” or “corporations” made people sympathetic to a claim like that.

    Later they came back with a couple of printouts from alt-med and related websites about “the philosophy” of bio-oxidative treatments and “anecdotal evidence” about how effective it is.

    I reiterated my skepticism.

    It’s frustrating how much this kind of stuff goes on.

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