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Just to reenforce this aspect of my personality: I dont like birds. Yes, they are pretty, as long as they are ‘over there’ and arent all up in my face about being birds. I mean, Im not all up in their face screaming “IM A HUMAN”, rite? Anyway, I think birds instinctively know that I…

The Antarctica Files: Penguin Sex.

Yes, you read that right. Penguin sex. You know youve always wondered. Now you can see it for yourself.

The Antarctica Files: Penguin Madness!

Before were allowed to do ANYTHING on Antarctica, we had a lecture on what we could and could not do while we were visiting. Even though everyone was ecologically conscientious, there were tons of things we had to do that none of us would have thought of on our own. We had to vacuum our…

The Antarctica Files: Whales make me sick.

A Midwesterner on the Drake Passage, some of the most notoriously rough waters on the planet. Yeah. I was pretty much planning on barfing all the way there and all the way back, only daring to hope that I would have a few days of non-barfing while we were at Antarctica. So I slapped on…

The Antarctica Files: Back!

Hi guys! I am officially back from Antarctica. I do not want to be. I didnt want to leave. Normally I am very much an ‘Oklahoma’ girl– mountains are pretty, but they make me claustrophobic. Oceans do too. I like plains. Horizon going to forever in every direction. But I never got sick of the…

Perils of the snow: Fashion

The outfit I ordered for Antarctica was supposed to replicate Vinces ‘Human Coke Can’ perfectly, but apparently to Columbia, ‘cherry’=hot pink. ‘Cherry’ is RED, Columbia, not PINK. ‘Strawberry’ is PINK. So now Im more like a human fanta can. STRAWBERRY fanta.

Christmas tree and pie

Mom to Friends: Abbie is going to Antarctica! Friends: OMFG! When??? Mom: The end of December! Friends: **GASP!** SHELL BE GONE OVER CHRISTMAS!! Mom: *blink* We dont really do Christmas in my house. I mean, we would put up a tree when us kids were little, and we would get some gifts, but thats it.…

Perils of the snow: Cookie Monster

Yes, Antarctica is known for its penguins and seals and whales and such. But I know thats just sunny PR BS from the fascist Antarctic government. You bet your ass Im going to be on the lookout for the Cookie Monsters:

Winter Summer Solstice!

When I first found out I was going to Antarctica, I was super excited because I was a MAJOR ASTRONOMY NERD when I was little, and Ive never been to the Southern Hemisphere before, so I was like “OMFG THERE ARE SO MANY STARS IVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE WARBLEGARBLE!!!” But there was something wrong. There…

Perils of the snow: Yeti

You know why all those fancy ‘scientists’ cant find the Yetis? Cause those Abominable Snowmen arent hanging out in the clubs in NYC or LA or Tibet. I bet theyre hanging out here in Antarctica. But dont you worry about me. Im a shaman. My minds like a fortress.