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Forced vacation, Day 2

Two words: New T-shirt.

Forced vacation, Day 1

*sigh* Its that time of year, again. Before school starts every fall, Bossman kicks me out of the lab for a week. Ugh. He calls it a ‘vacation’. Whatever. So now Im back home on The Farm, with my 28.8 kbps dial-up internet, and no wireless. Its like I went back in time 15 years……


A funny thing happened today. PZ is now, officially, a D-List Blogger** (a status I attained months ago, hehehehehe!!). Shortly after that, Richard Dawkins made a nice statement of support for PZ on … I love being *us*, you guys. I love being *the good guys*. One of us is in a tight spot,…

Finally– Zee Blagroll

I finally had some time to get the BLAGROLL together! You all will never be bored again– LOTS of good stuff in there, so read up! Please check to make sure Ive got you listed right, or if you missed the first call, go ahead and leave a comment! Aaaand Im still working on the…

In honor of George Carlin: Fuck

Fuck. **sigh** For my 23rd brithday, the fellow I was dating at the time got us tickets to see Carlin. Wonderful memory… But I was kinda hoping Id get to see him again, sometime… Fuck. Well, for those of you concerned that Fundie cocksuckers wouldnt jump on this with “CARLINS NUT AN ATHIEST NAU!”, fear…

One to two times a week, I get an email from a concerned reader about my refusal to use apostrophes. DEAR ERV– YOU WRITED GUD BUT YOU HAS NO APOSTRAPHES AND U NEED TEHM. NO APOSTRAPHES IS DISTRACTING. K? THNKXBAI. So it pleases me greatly to see the death of another form of punctuation documented…

My generation

My grandparents generation fought in WWII. My parents generation fought for civil rights. My generation fights with nunchuks on YouTube:


Alls quiet on the intertubes tonight. And I had a really bad day at work today (one of those days where nothing worked *rolleyes*) so Im too grumpy to write a nice post. I just wanna make some cocoa and take some Tylenol PM. And Ive been on SciBlogs for about a month now. And…

Weekend at the movies

Yes. I went to see ‘It.’ ‘It’. The Movie everyone has been talking about for months. ERV readers might not think It was a movie I would be into, but it was awesome!!!

Revenge of ERV

Teh Google Machine. It tried to kill meh. Now? I PWNS TEH INTRAWEBZ!!! TOP TWO HITS FOR ERV MO FOS!