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Welcome Koufax voters!

I’m excited to be one of the many fine nominees for the “Best New Blog” Koufax Award for 2005. Because I know you want to make an informed decision about your vote (or, you know, put off doing actual work for a little while), here’s a quick tour of my posts back at the pre-ScienceBlogs location.

Also, let me point out that two of my sibling bloggers here (Aetiology and Living the Scientific Life) are also up for “Best New Blog” — as are a number of the blogs in my blogroll (right sidebar — you know you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a little time to procrastinate!). Holy vote-splitting, Batman!

Is it possible, given the plethora of good science blogs among this year’s Koufax nominees, for a science blog to beat out a garden-variety political blog for “Best New Blog”?

It might be if the ScienceBlogs readers remember to vote when voting opens!


  1. #1 GrrlScientist
    January 24, 2006

    Thanks for mentioning Scientific Life, but it should not be listed in the “best new blog” category.

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