Adventures in Ethics and Science

… the Holocaust deniers turn to arson.

I’m a fan of reasoned arguments, especially those that comport well with empirical evidence. Some people are not. People of this sort have targeted the Holocaust History Project not only with denial of service attacks, but also by setting the physical offices of THHP ablaze.

Members of the reality-based community look askance at this kind of behavior. And, people who deal in reasoned arguments and empirical evidence are not going to just go away.

Orac has more.


  1. #1 Harry
    March 8, 2006

    Yasher Koach!

  2. #2 kmsqrd
    March 8, 2006

    Man, and here I thought when I was wrong I was supposed to “… bang [my] fist on the defense table as loud as [I] can.”

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