Adventures in Ethics and Science

This time they’re going after Tara. So sad that a fundraiser would inspire such an underhanded attack. Someone must be feeling very desperate!

* * * * *
Reading Aetiology was fun — but suddenly I was washing my hands obsessively, sending back rare hamburgers at restaurants, and turning down rest-stop guitar-string tattoos. My friends want to know what happened to the happy-go-lucky guy I used to be.

That blog turned out to be a vector of buzz-kill.

I plan to protect my kids from the germ theory of disease.


  1. #1 Mike Peel
    June 26, 2006

    A couple of things. First, you’ve got a bit of a HTML bug in the first line – a missed “. Second, why are you increasing the amount of people that see these attacks by posting them on your blog? (Having said that, they do lead to interesting reading material – but that’s not really their intention…)

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