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My dinner with Bora.


I got a chance to have dinner with Bora last night in San Francisco on the eve of his job interview with PLoS ONE. This gave us the opportunity for a free-wheeling discussion about the potential of new technologies to change the ways scientists communicate with each other (and with non-scientists), the ways that conversations (and drawing people into them) aren’t coupled too tightly to the fancy technical thingies (the “aps”) that carry them through cyberspace, the ways that interfaces and functionality can exert subtle influences on the ways people interact with ideas and with each other, and all sorts of other issues pedagogical and blogospheric. There were also a number of gratuitous references to “framing” and “memes”.

PLoS arranged for Bora to stay at The Mosser (in whose lobby we are pictured above). It’s one of those great small hotels that San Francisco has a bunch of, and the lobby feels like something out of a classic movie.

As I hit the “publish” button, Bora will be starting his action-packed day with the PLoS folks — wish him luck!


  1. #1 Alan Kellogg
    May 10, 2007

    Has the elder sprog developed a crush on Bora? She is, after all, at the age where girls develop crushes on anything passably human, grownup, and male. They are, after all, just starting to grow beyond the limits of the family, and getting ready for the world outside. (A wracking time for parental nerves it is.)

  2. #2 coturnix
    May 11, 2007

    Hey Thanks! It was so great to meet you again. That duck curry was fantastic! I hope we get to meet again VERY soon….

  3. #3 utenzi
    May 13, 2007

    I hope his interview went well. PLoS is a great venture.

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