Adventures in Ethics and Science

A few announcements.

  • The Society of Women Engineers is hosting an event on June 3rd that may be of interest to girls (or their parents) in the Twin Cities area:

    On June 3rd, hundreds of girls in St. Paul, Minnesota will attend an event hosted by SWE called, “Wow! That’s Engineering!” Through hands-on activities, girls will learn how solar power works, the wonders of deep sea diving, and even develop their own lip-gloss. Most importantly, they’ll realize that engineering is not just about working behind a computer; it’s about making a difference in the world.

    This looks to be aimed at middle school and high school students. Spread the word.

  • Tomorrow being the 1st of June already (how??), the 7th edition of the Scientiae carnival will appear at FemaleCSGradStudent. The theme for this round of stories of and from women in science, engineering, technology and math will be “How We Are Hungry,” so it should make for delectable reading.
  • Finally, I’d like to call your attention to the Seed 2007 Science Writing Contest. The first prize is $2,500 and second prize is $1,000 for the best 1200-word essay on the following questions:

    What does it mean to be scientifically literate in the 21st century? How do we measure the scientific literacy of a society? How do we boost it? What is the value of this literacy? Who is responsible for fostering it?

    The submission deadline is July 1, which is right around the corner. I can’t enter (what with my ties to Seed), but maybe you can*. If you were to win, I’d probably assert bragging rights!

Any other events, contests, carnivals, or whatnot we should know about? Lay them on me.

*Because of the laws on contests and sweepstakes, I’m sorry to report that only entries from the U.S. will be eligible to win. Boo!