Adventures in Ethics and Science

Commencement LOLdrums

I want to lay this at Julie’s feet, or maybe John Lynch’s, but I’m starting to think the LOLcats are taking over! My kids speak to each other in LOL dialect, and I’ve been mentally captioning … well, everything.

My internal dialogue from part of commencement transcribed below. If you know a good deprogrammer, please email me!


On noes! Where da sientistz?

Lookin for LOLrus bukkit?

Grapplin wid invizible labware?


Mebbe invizible sience grads?!


O hai!

Weer in ur stadium, makin u proud.


Bukkitz iz kool, but nowlij iz teh bestest!

Thx k bai!


  1. #1 dc
    May 31, 2007


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