Adventures in Ethics and Science

The ScienceBlogs servers are undergoing some serious spa treatments this evening (Saturday, June 2nd, starting at 9PM EDT) to rejuvenate them and help them achieve inner peace.

Or something.

Their massage and facial package (or whatever) is projected to last about three hours, during which time the system won’t be able to accept new comments. Jot them down on paper and get them in tomorrow!

In the meantime, via my mom, there’s a cool streaming video you might want to check out of Nobel Prize winner John Mather giving a colloquium at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center on November 21, 2006, before he flew out to Stockholm to receive his medal. (Click on the link near the top of the page that says “Video of John Mather’s special Scientific Colloquium (courtesy of the Goddard Library).”. You may need Windows Media Player to watch it.) Mom was “entertained by Mather’s ability to connect the dots for a more general audience.”

Further down the page, there’s a list of other colloquia given at GSFC whose streaming video you can access, but the Mather has Mom’s recommendation.