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Mike Dunford just passed on most excellent news: Six Apart is giving away $30 gift certificates for my favorite philanthropic organization, DonorsChoose. Here are the details:

We’ve got a challenge for the entire Movable Type community, and for the blogging community as a whole. Starting this Monday, October 1, Movable Type bloggers will have the chance to participate in the Blogger Challenge — it’s a campaign to help support education, powered by our friends at …

We’re so excited about this that we’re distributing philanthropic gift certificates you can use to help fund a classroom project of your choice. You can request a gift certificate worth $30 at Request your code now — they’re available until noon on Monday. (It might take a day or two for you to get your code.)

Using the gift certificate will help you understand how the program works. Once you’ve had the chance to pick a classroom project yourself, we know you’ll be inspired to participate in the Donors Choose Blogger Challenge. And stay tuned: At Six Apart, we’re sponsoring an award for the bloggers who help the greatest number of students during the Blogger Challenge. We’ll have more details when the Challenge begins on Monday.

We’ll have more information on the challenge here on Monday. Anticipate some serious ScienceBlogs participation.


  1. #1 Leah
    September 29, 2007

    I’ve already requested mine! I’m really excited for a chance to see how this works. I’ve always wanted to donate to a project on there but have been unsure about it, so this is a good chance.

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