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You know from my last post that we’re working with DonorsChoose to raise some money for public school teachers who are trying to give their students the engaging educational experiences they deserve. You also know that our benevolent overlords at Seed will be randomly selecting some donors to receive nifty prizes (details about this to be posted as soon as I get them).

But I’d like to sweeten the deal by offering some incentive to everyone who donates to my challenge. Here’s what you can get:

An original (and probably nerdy) poem, written just for you:

For a $10 donation, I’ll write you a poem. You get to specify the topic of the poem and the poetic form (or the famous poem you’d like me to use as the model for the poem I’m writing for you).

You have your choice of keeping the poem all to yourself, posting it on your blog or website, or having me post it here (as a tribute to your generosity) on my blog.

Original artwork by the sprogs:

For a $25 donation, you can commission a piece of artwork from the talented Free-Ride offspring. Again, you specify the subject (and any favorite colors you’d like them to use).

I’ll email you the JPEG or, if you’re a Luddite like me, I can send you the art by snail mail. And, if you like, we can post the picture here on the blog to recognize your generosity.

The basic concepts post you’ve been wanting me to write:

For a $40 donation, you can tell me which basic concept (in chemistry, philosophy, or some other realm of my expertise, please) I ought to post about next. And lo, I shall write that post, and if you so wish it, recognize you as the patron of that post.

Enticing? I hope so!

To get in on these little tokens of my appreciation, go to my challenge and make a donation to one (or more) of the projects you see listed there. Then, when you get your email confirmation from DonorsChoose, forward it to me ( along with the information about the kind of poem, or picture, or post you’d like as your “thank you!”


  1. #1 ctenotrish, FCD
    October 1, 2007

    Sprog art and all for a good cause! Must balance my checkbook and see what I can do . . . .

  2. #2 Donalbain
    October 1, 2007

    If I donate $35 (I think thats about £1.23 these days),can I get a poem by a nerd that is illustrated by some sprogs?

  3. #3 Janet D. Stemwedel
    October 1, 2007

    If I donate $35 (I think thats about £1.23 these days),can I get a poem by a nerd that is illustrated by some sprogs?


    By the way, due to Homeland Security concerns (I kid you not), the automated system at DonorsChoose can only accept donations entered with a ZIPcode (a 5-digit US postal zone indicator). However, in light of the cleverness of automated systems, I’m told that folks from non-US addresses have been quite successful in entering a 5-digit number into the ZIP field and the rest of their address in Canada, or India, or wherever.

    Just in case it comes up…

  4. #4 Zuska
    October 1, 2007

    Very clever bribery, Dr. Free-Ride. Very clever indeed. I fear I cannot compete. And yet, I have tried.

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