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I know it’s been quiet here (I’ve been grading papers), but I wanted to give you a quick glimpse at the ScienceBloggers’ progress to date on the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge. Here’s the bar graph:


You’ll notice that two blogs (Deep Sea News and Retrospectacle) have exceeded their goals and one (The Questionable Authority) is tantalizingly close.

And then there are the rest of us.

Do you suppose some additional prizes for donors would help? As it happens, Seed is offering some!

In addition to the $15,000 in matching funds that Seed is putting up for the challenges themselves, donors to any of the ScienceBloggers’ challenges can enter to win one of the following:

  • 1 fresh, new iPod nano
  • 21 “Seed Hearts Threadless” tee shirts (design here )
  • 21 ScienceBlogs mugs
  • 21 subscriptions to Seed magazine
  • 9 copies of “The Best American Science Writing 2007”

Here’s how it will work: interested donors can forward their e-mail receipt from DonorsChoose to

Readers who have already donated are still eligible for the prize drawing — just forward you receipt on to the address.

We’ll have three prize drawings, each on a Tuesday: Tuesday the 15th, Tuesday the 22nd, and Tuesday the 29th.

We’ll give away seven tee shirts, seven mugs, seven subscriptions, and three books each week to donors whose emails we have received before noon (East Coast time) on the day of the drawing.

At the end of the whole DonorsChoose drive (which is to say, after the last moment of October 31st), we’ll take everyone who ever entered the drawing and draw one final winner for the iPod.

Sounds enticing? I thought so! Hit those challenges!


  1. #1 KatieDewi
    October 11, 2007

    what, no breaking down of the Chemistry Nobel prize for us laypeople?

  2. #2 Leah
    October 11, 2007

    man, motivation to donate again each week 🙂

    If the drawings really are on Tuesday, you need to shift one day later on the dates.

    thanks for the notice 🙂

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